and now for something completely different…

actually loving the new pegboard nerds track “badboi” as well as the cover art, so decided to make something in that style of these guys :D


[ MUSIC PAGE ] works as an “all in one” music page

Preview | Code | Read this to help you with customizing

Things to know:

  • all image sizes are 150px by 200px. Make sure you crop your images first
  • I recommend using tumblr static uploader to upload your pictures
How to install a page:
  1. Go to your customize page, scroll down the gray left sidebar until you see pages
  2. click on add a page and a screen should come up asking for the  page url and some other options
  3. Create your url. And where it says standard layout, click on it and choose custom layout
  4. Plug in the code, click create page then save page
  5. You are done.



some tiny monstercat pixels uwu

free to use!!

edit : i added the edm genre

edit 2 : i added more!! (glitch hop genre and that extra thing :>)


theme no. 16 sparks fly by ponderism

- four customizble links
- sidebar is 200px wide
- the links do this cool hover thing
- feel free to edit, but don’t repost, remove credit or use as a base
- feel free to contact me in case of problems
- like/reblog if using so I can see what it looks like!

static live preview : (x)
code {pastebin} : (x)

+check out the tardis network for awesome themes!


Varien & 7 Minutes Dead - Mirai Sekai (coming 09.01.14.)


Pt. 1 : Neo-Seoul
Pt. 2 : Neo-Tokyo
Pt. 3 : Aeon Metropolis
Pt. 4 : Goodnight_Sequence

I am very excited for this!!!

a theme update for this blog needs to be done now

also i apologize for my lack of content my other blog has occupied my time

no matter where you are you can go on

Monstercat music videos


Global Dub Festival: Pegboard Nerds while the suns still up